27 February 2016

And here are few rough sketches done on the coffee break today and yesterday.
Subject: creatures and alien portraits and some vehicles.

20 February 2016

Few weeks ago I was contacted by talented Sandra Martinez and she asked if she could do a 3D model of one of my creature designs. I liked the idea and after she did her magic here is the result. I love it :) Here is Sandra's Art station profile so check it out. I guess there is a talent on the horizon ;)


10 February 2016

Started working on this dragon illustration. Here is the sketch I hope I will finish it soon cos I am all over the place this month :)

02 February 2016

Combination of few geometrical shapes can make basis for some interesting and sometimes very complex designs. All of these designs are made from two to three shapes. This principle works with all of the subjects that you chose. You don't believe me? Well you will have to try it! :)