26 January 2016

The most enjoyable thing for me as artist is sketchbook drawing.
Here is another page filled with different dragon head designs. Will use one of these for final digital painting in the future but at the moment I am enjoying the process of exploration :)


17 January 2016

Here is one of the many tutorials that I plan to post. Idea is to help all of those art enthusiast to try some simple exercises which helped me make progress in my personal art. Some of the tutorials will be simple and some of them will be elaborate, so I believe there is going to be something for everyone. I hope you will find this tutorial helpful :)

15 January 2016

Some drawing I did at work last year. Going for that aggressive approach I guess :)

09 January 2016

Did some dragon head explorations in past few days. Will explore this subject in next few posts cos I would like to try more unusual design choices. I would like to make some "strange" head designs. I hope I succeed :)

04 January 2016

Hello to everyone its a New Year and a chance for a new start :). I welcome you all to my new/old blog that will be a blog for my personal art challenges and hopefully a blog of my personal achievements. There is going to be a lot of cool art, interesting links/topics and some of my thoughts. Hope you enjoy my art and hopefully we all learn something :)