08 December 2016

Did not post for some time and here are few dragon heads that I am working on. These are pencil drawings and there is going to be more :)

29 August 2016

This year I had opportunity to work on one very interesting and beautiful project called "Bosnian Kingdom" in production of Mladinska knjiga . My brother Emir Durmisevic and I worked as illustrators on this project. Our main responsibility was to depict and reconstruct different moments from Bosnian history. We worked on illustrating buildings, castles, kings, heraldry, weapons, battles and all of that fun stuff.  I actually learned a lot too :)

I may say this project was great experience. We enjoyed working with some of the top artists and professionals who gave their hart to make this book happen.

We did have some challenges but we enjoyed overcoming them. Thing that I can point out to be extra challenging was battle scenes reconstruction. I decided to present here few steps that made it possible for us to illustrate these scenes. Once I read: "The question is: How do you eat an elephant...? One bite at a time :) This approach helped as immensely!

These are steps of constructing the composition, dynamism, story and staging of the characters.
We did a lot of research and reference gathering. Reference of anything: clothes, weapons, horses, horse anatomy, inspirational art depicting battles, heraldry, armor etc. Having good reference is paramount for believable illustration! This is something that I firmly believe.
First we made rough composition trying to show the craziness of a medieval battle. We spent some time trying to make right balance, great poses. But this phase is done very roughly and pretty fast. Just make many variations and then chose one that is most dynamic.
Next step was values and composition focal points. Its just playing with the graphic elements of heraldry and dynamic shapes of the soldiers.
After that we worked on the total atmosphere of the illustration. Just to make it fit to the book design and vision of the author.
And whoOOOOoala here is the battle. :)

Battle for Bileca

 Battle in Lashva

I also worked on illustrating family trees of different Bosnian kings. Here is just one of eleven family trees done for this project. Here we can see a family tree of Bosnian king Zlatonosovic.

And here is the Final look of this beautifully crafted book. Hope you enjoyed this post.

28 August 2016

Some new character designs. Hope you like these Bee designs I enjoyed drawing them :)

17 June 2016

Playing with some viking character designs. These are pretty rough but searching for the interesting proportions and more interesting details.

16 May 2016

Some Rhino character design with expression exploration. Just a daily playful exercise.

28 March 2016

Some older pencil drawings.
I enjoy drawing while watching movies... will definitely get back to this habit again cos lately I kind of focused more on the funny character designs.

22 March 2016

One more scary creature. This was actually older design but I revisited it with fresh and more experienced approach ;) Enjoy.

13 March 2016

Creature design I did this week in spare time. Enjoyed developing the back story for the character, trying to imagine it in the specific environment. Layout of the page and typography design is done by my girlfriend, great designer Vanesa Prodanovic. So I guess we gona colaborate from now on ;) Thank you very much.

27 February 2016

And here are few rough sketches done on the coffee break today and yesterday.
Subject: creatures and alien portraits and some vehicles.

20 February 2016

Few weeks ago I was contacted by talented Sandra Martinez and she asked if she could do a 3D model of one of my creature designs. I liked the idea and after she did her magic here is the result. I love it :) Here is Sandra's Art station profile so check it out. I guess there is a talent on the horizon ;)


10 February 2016

Started working on this dragon illustration. Here is the sketch I hope I will finish it soon cos I am all over the place this month :)

02 February 2016

Combination of few geometrical shapes can make basis for some interesting and sometimes very complex designs. All of these designs are made from two to three shapes. This principle works with all of the subjects that you chose. You don't believe me? Well you will have to try it! :)

26 January 2016

The most enjoyable thing for me as artist is sketchbook drawing.
Here is another page filled with different dragon head designs. Will use one of these for final digital painting in the future but at the moment I am enjoying the process of exploration :)


17 January 2016

Here is one of the many tutorials that I plan to post. Idea is to help all of those art enthusiast to try some simple exercises which helped me make progress in my personal art. Some of the tutorials will be simple and some of them will be elaborate, so I believe there is going to be something for everyone. I hope you will find this tutorial helpful :)

15 January 2016

Some drawing I did at work last year. Going for that aggressive approach I guess :)

09 January 2016

Did some dragon head explorations in past few days. Will explore this subject in next few posts cos I would like to try more unusual design choices. I would like to make some "strange" head designs. I hope I succeed :)

04 January 2016

Hello to everyone its a New Year and a chance for a new start :). I welcome you all to my new/old blog that will be a blog for my personal art challenges and hopefully a blog of my personal achievements. There is going to be a lot of cool art, interesting links/topics and some of my thoughts. Hope you enjoy my art and hopefully we all learn something :)